F.E.A.R. is an Acronym Based on Previous Experiences


F.E.A.R. is an acronym based on your previous experiences, and none of which are evident truth of what is to become in your future. It is a false based reality of what you think may happen, because you harness your shortcomings.

F.E.A.R. is simply this –


Much of what we consider to be safe for us is based on our own failures, and shortcomings in life. If this were true throughout everyone’s life then there would be no advancements in finances, healthcare, and technology. With each failure comes a step made towards success, and we are all destined to fail. Here is where we all face the same crossroad – How are you going to handle your failure? Will you harness your experience, and turn it into something that will forever change your life into something the flourishes with success, or will you allow that shortcoming to dwell and grow inside of you?

Lets take a moment to put this into reality. Jim Carrey, who reached his fame through Ace Ventura, was once a starving actor, and believe against all odds that he would be famous. His father, an accountant, told him to play it safe, and not shoot for something that was out of reach. Acting was his dream, and he would rather do something he loved then take a shot at something safe. He would take drives up to the Hollywood Hills, stare at the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, California, and look down upon the city from his beat up sedan. He decided that he was going to make it in Hollywood no matter how many times he tried, and how many times he failed. He believed that he was destined to be there. He wrote himself a $1,000,000 check, and placed it in his wallet, so he could stare at it everyday. He believe one day that he would make a million dollars a film, and would go on to do what he loved more than anything.

Looking back, he accomplished everything he had set out to complete, and he refused to give up when the odds were against him. He did not let his fear of the unknown, fear of the instability, and fear of his critics engulf his thoughts. He believed with concrete conviction that he was destined to be an actor.

Here he is today, an A-List actor, that makes multi-million dollar films, and makes multiple millions a picture, personally.

What can we learn from this excerpt? We can learn that what we need to do is not extrinsic, for it is an intrinsic belief that can only start from within, and develop into a resilient passion to never ever give up – even in the face of the greatest adversary. That is leadership, and that is how you conquer your fear.

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