The Power of Habit and What it means to you!


From an early age we are taught to eat our vegetables, brush our teeth, and to study.  Why are we taught these things at such a young age?  It is to instill good habits that will have an everlasting effect on our lives, and give us the best chance for success.  Our parents teach us these elements of daily life to help us make better decisions, and to help us recognize what is right and what is wrong.  As we mature into life, and experience new things it is up to us to create and develop new habits.


Every action we commit causes a reaction, and we must be prepared to strategically align ourselves with the best possible outcome.


Along the way we develop bad habits, and that may come from our environment.  The good news is that we can break those habits.  What we have to do is find the source of the problem, and replace the problem with a positive substitute.  In every situation it takes 21 days to make an action a habit.  What people do not realize is this —


Motivation gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.


The founder of Apple and Pixar, Steve Job, learned at a very early age that the key to success was excellence on the inside and out, and it was as a child when he built a fence with his father that he learned this life-changing experience.  The story goes he was building a fence with his father around his yard, and as he was building the fence he began to place the hand cut pieces of wood around the yard.  Along the way his father stopped him, and said, “Steve, these pieces of wood have to be perfect on the outside and the inside.”  Steve asked “Why does it matter?  No one will see the inside.”  His father replied, “Because you will Steve.”

From that day forward Steve took that ideal into building Apple products.  The product had to as beautiful from the computer motherboard to casing, itself.

This created a drive for perfection in Steve Jobs, and he would never allow a product to leave the company that wasn’t in perfect condition, inside and out.

Steve Jobs had such passion for his work that he would create outbursts of anger, and many people would initially be put off by his persona.  In the end, every single person said they would gladly work for him, because of of three things.

His charisma, his vision, and his leadership.  They were all concrete factors into a successful leader.

Writer, , wrote a great article on what it takes to be a great leader, .

What does this tell us about habits? This shows us that we must be willing to showcase our passion, and let it be known that we expect perfection from everyone around us. Successful people create successful enterprises. We do not have to start a good habit at an early age to accomplish anything, and it is never too late to start a new habit. We can all change, and we are all geared to learning new things. We all want to have a better life, and it can start today. We have a desire to be more than who we are, and become better than we were yesterday. Anything we want to obtain in life can be obtained, and it must be earned through hard work, dedication, and the development of good habits.

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