Design Your Future

Epiphanies come from being forced to make a difficult decision with exponential results. As we experience more in life, and learn from our mistakes we must learn that every decision has its own reaction. Our futures are created from every decision we have made in the past, and it comes to its own as we progress through the courses of life.

Find a goal that motivates you intrinsically to work harder than anything you have ever imagined, and you will find the bumps along the road are are worth the endurance; when you achieve your objective. The finest of all entrepreneurs start with a big idea, and start small. They understand the process, and realize that they must make the first step, regardless of its size, to get to the next step. They are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to create their own outcome.

For many recent graduates and newcomers to the workforce, realizing what they are working towards is often a difficult decision. My advice to each and everyone of you is to figure out where you want to be in 5 or 10 years, and realize that you must make the first step.

Never be afraid to take a step out of what is comfortable to achieve something that is great, and more importantly – never listen to the naysayers. Never allow them to occupy space in your brain, and never allow to govern your actions. Stick to your plan, and work towards the end result with relentless ambition.

You may not remember but at one point you wanted to walk, and eventually you were able to become more independent. What you did not realize is that you fell over and over again, and kept getting back up. Why is that? That is because you did not know failure, and you only thought of one thing – YOU WERE GOING TO WALK!

You had great coaches along the way, your parents, who kept pushing you, and kept making sure you made the right strides towards your goal.

In the business world, if you cannot create the outline to your own objective, find a coach; someone that will not allow you to fail, and help you create your own success. Find someone that has been there before that has proven that they can get there, and they can teach you how to find the same success.

Remember that we are all masters of our own destinies, and the only critic that matters is the one that you face in the mirror everyday.

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