Organization and Visualization Leads to Achievement

Organization starts from within, and carries out through every action that you endure. This comes from the complete planning of gaining what you want, and the innate belief that you will obtain what you set your mind to achieve. Now goals never come easy, and creating a clear cut plan is even more difficult.

It all starts from your inner most desires as to what you want to achieve, and what you want to set forth for everyone else to chase. What is it that drives you every day to begin your day. What drives you to get out of bed, and be better than everyone else? What makes you work hard, and more importantly, what kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind?

It starts with a list of goals, and how you wish to be remembered. Start with listing out goals, and create as many as you would like to see in your lifetime.

Begin by putting each goal on the top of a separate piece of paper, and go all the way to 100. Now you may not reach 100 in the next week or month, for it will fill itself up in time. The reason why you leave the pages blank under each goal is to give yourself room to create an action plan.

If your goal is to obtain your MBA, put that on the top of the page, and list out the steps to start your MBA program.

It may begin by researching schools that specialize in your major, and have the biggest network for what you wish to achieve after you graduate. Next it may be to find the admission requirements for each school, and contact a counselor for guidance. Following those steps you may look into formal exams and testing, such as the GMAT or GRE.

Before you are able to realize – you have listed everything that you need to do to begin and obtain your MBA.

The same can be done with any goal, and once you have mastered this phase; all achievements can be made.

For me, I wanted to obtain my degree in accounting, and begin a career in finance. I wrote down “accounting” on a piece of paper, and put it on my wall. Everyday I looked at the piece of paper, and decided that I had to get myself out of my dead-end job. I began taking classes at a local community college, and earned my way into the local university on scholarship.

I have since completed my degree, and have been working in finance for four years. I begin my MBA program in the next couple of months, and have implemented this exercise into everything that I do.

The reality of this is that it will help you by creating an action plan, realizing your goal, and visualizing what you want to achieve. This is your life to live, and how you want to live is up to you. Build, create, and develop a better you.

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