Stay Focused. Stay Strong. Never Allow External Forces to Make You Give Up the Great for the Good.


A friend of mine told me a story recently.  He was pitching for the Kansas City Royals Triple A affiliate in 1972.  He had just come off a no-hitter, and was well on his way to becoming a major leaguer.  He had just come off the mound after the game, which he won, and a coach came up to him and said, “Hey Kid.  What’s your name?”  He replied, “My name?”  He was puzzled because it was on the back of his jersey.  He said, “My name is Mazin (last name).”  The coach said, “What is that?”  (Jeff) Mazin replied, “Are you asking my nationality or my religion?”  The coach said, “Your religion.”  Jeff replied, “Well, I’m Jewish.”  The coach replied, “There is no room for k*kes or n*ggers in this league.”

This was 1972.  It was nearly 30 years since Jackie Robinson had broken the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and this was still going on in professional baseball.

Jeff’s family all fell victim to Holocaust in Europe, and took this comment harshly.  He stayed in professional baseball for 3 more years, and became friends with one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Juan Marichal.  He spoke with his family, and they took the news as serious as he.  Jeff went on to leave baseball, and go to medical school in Philadelphia.  He is now a surgeon in San Diego, and has had a successful career.

What Jeff told me was that his biggest regret was not going through, and working towards the major leagues.  The truth behind it all is that if you throw a no-hitter in Triple A baseball, someone will give you a chance to prove yourself at the best level in the game, and you will have an opportunity somewhere.

Now nearly 65 years old, he says what he regrets most is that he could have been a major leaguer, and played what he was passionate about from the time he was a child.

While we may look as this as a tragedy within our human race, and we must begin to wonder how can we learn from this excerpt of one man’s life.

There will always be someone or something that will try to take away from the success you have developed, and it is our choice to persevere or to give in.

Through all of life’s trials and tribulations it is the ones that are relentless in their goals that become successful, and they are the ones that we base our life upon.  We must never allow someone to weigh us down with their small-minded thoughts, and never allow their own anchors to weigh us down.  When moments like this arise – we must rise up, and face the challenge.

Our life is the culmination of the choices that we decide, and what we have now, what we will have tomorrow is the reaction of all of our choices.  We must be able to see how our answers coincide with what we want to have in the future, and learn from our mistakes.

Never allow someone to weigh you down with their own self-deprecating thoughts.  It is their will to bury themselves.  It is your decision whether or not you will allow them to bury you along with them.

What I propose to you is to create your own foundation, and consistently develop your thoughts to be able to withstand any actions or comments that will not enable your success.  We have all heard stories like this before, and we will read more throughout our lifetime.  There is no way, shape, or form that we can allow this to take hold of our lives, and direct it in a way that does not satisfy our own needs.  Our lives are our own destiny, and we have a direct say in the results.

This is your life to live.  You only have one.  Never give up the great for the good, and never stay down.

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