3 Ways To Be A Success At Work

Success at Work

Achievements and success are not given to everyone that walks through the door. Success comes to those who are willing to work. Those who have achieved success understand the process, and understand that they must start somewhere. Most often, they start at the bottom of the ladder, and work their way up. They are the ones that are willing to fail in order to achieve everlasting success. They work, and work hard. They make mistakes, and they learn how to fix them. They understand that mistakes are part of becoming the best, and do not let one mistake overtake their identity. Michael Jordan took over 9000 shots in his career, and missed 26 game winning field goals. The reason why he is considered one of the greatest basketball players is because he was always willing to take the shot – when the game counted. That is why he is a success.

Here are 3 ways to succeed at work –

1. Find Your Passion

Find something that you have to do everyday you wake, and something that you look forward to learning at night. This is how you create commitment. When you are so committed to making yourself the best at one thing that you have to learn everything you can about the given topic. There are so many opportunities out there, and if you never find what you are looking for you will never find yourself. You can spend an entire lifetime working for a given area, but when will you give yourself the time to let yourself live? The moment you find what you want to do – the moment you have found yourself. Remember commitment comes from passion, and without the innate drive from desire you will never be the best.

2. Make Work Your Best Friend

Remember when you were a child, and your best friend meant everything in the world to you? Remember when going outside after school to hang out till dusk with your best was more important than eating dinner? That is what work has to be for you. It has to be the one thing in your life that you are willing to spend all of your time developing, nurturing, and progressing. Your work has to be an extension of yourself, and an extension of your thoughts. Doing this will make the relationship so solid that nothing can get in the way of where you want it to go, and where you want it to lead you in life. Those long hours spent on projects, mistakes that are made, and infinite meetings will make you want to become more involved in this relationship. The more you become involved, and invested in this priority – the more luck, achievement, and success will find you.

3. Be Relentless

Never ever give up. The ones that are able to outlast their competition are the ones that are able to build a stable foundation for themselves in the future, and the future of their accomplishments. It was the great prize fighter, John L. Sullivan that said, “It is hard to beat the man that never stays down.” When things become hard – that is when you get going. It is never the ones that give up that succeed. The ones that succeed are the ones that are able to pick themselves up off the ground, and get back to work. They never allow failure to determine their fate, for they understand that failure is simply part of the process of being the best. The next time you want to give up try one more time. You never know when success is waiting for you, and it is your job to find it – it is not the job of success to find you.

It is never the ones that give up that are remembered, promoted, or considered to be leaders. Leaders are the ones who are willing to become greater than themselves by their experiences, and knowledge. They know how to find the drive, the passion, and the relentlessness within themselves to push for their next achievement. They have a vision, and a desire to change themselves first – then change everything around them. They understand that if they can form themselves into the best possible employee, manager, leader than they are able to form the team around them to work towards one common goal. Achievements and success come from these three areas – finding your passion, making work your best friend, and being relentless.

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