What Will Your 200 Year Legacy Be?

What Will Your 200 Year Legacy Be?

Throughout the history of time the greatest names in the books are the ones that have thought about what people will say about them long after they have passed. We look at some of the most abundant names, and have to wonder, were they remembered by chance? Or, is it a strong possibility that they understood that what they were doing was to within stand the test of time, and the commendable acts that they endured were to enhance mankind for the way as we have come to understand it today? Names like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson all understood that what they did in their prestigious moment was to forever shape the way we looked upon them in history.

These men need no introduction for we are all able to name something that they contributed to society, and how they have directly affected the way we live life today. Which leads us to this question that we all must consider for ourselves today – What will your 200 year legacy be? How will you be remembered? Are you changing society, and making it a better place?

Thinking of how we will be remembered is a tough sentiment to process, for it means we have to think far ahead in time. We must view the world today, and perceive it in a way that an individual can change. It may be something small, for example, leading a youth group and guiding them on the right patch to educational success. Coaching and teaching is a way to solidify your current understanding of the modern world, and shape young minds into a formidable force of progressive thoughts that will forever question the normal practices of life. Taking someone with interests in a particular field, and helping them become the best is one of the best ways to give back to society. It shows that you are an expert in your field, and you are able to enhance one person’s life. A coach is someone that is undervalued during their time, for the person they are teaching will never completely grasp the magnitude of their lessons until their time has elapsed. A coach can help anyone achieve what they desire the most, and what they wish to become. This is the most precious thing someone can give to someone. It is not the money, the gifts, nor any material object. It is the time spent teaching, learning and building the relationship between them and their goal.

With this in mind, anyone can change society, and anyone can help anyone become anything. Every person needs a coach and a mentor, and as iron sharpens iron – a man sharpens another. The foundation of anyone’s success comes from the teachings provided, and it is shown throughout the working world. Many companies value higher education at any level, and with the development of online education; anyone can reach their academic goals. The greater the level of education – the greater the opportunity. When you have opportunities open for you, and are able to achieve those objectives – the more people you are able to affect. Positively affecting one’s life is one of the greatest achievements a person can obtain in life, for the meaning of life is whatever you make it out to become. For many of us, we do not understand this phenomenon, and are never able to embrace this fact of life. Simply stated – set the bar high, and continuously work until you have reached that goal, for you never know the limits of your potential if they are never tested.

So I ask you again – What will your 200 year legacy be? Coach, motivate, and train others. If you are not able to do that find a way to enhance someone’s life, and do what you can to make it better than it was yesterday. The greatest names in history understood this fact, and combined with their own ambitions were able to harness it towards human development. John D. Rockefeller created a non-combustible oil, kerosene, which saved millions of lives, Andrew Carnegie helped revolutionize the steel mill, which helped production, George Washington led a group of unruly militants to American Independence, and Thomas Jefferson, a small town lawyer, wrote the Declaration of Independence. What did all of these people have in common? They were just men with a purpose.

Find your purpose, and you will find your 200 year legacy.

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